2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Adobe 9A0-150 Practice Tests (1-10)

When creating a Web Photo Gallery through Adobe Bridge, how does the application handle the
color management of images in the gallery?

A.    All images are converted to sRGB IEC61966-2.1, and the color profile is embedded.
B.    All images are converted to Adobe RGB (1998), and the color profile is embedded.
C.    Image files are not converted during processing, but Color Settings are changed to sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
D.    Image files are converted to the current monitor profile, and the color profile is not embedded.

Answer: A

You want to create a Flash-based photo gallery that you can place on your web site. The photographs should appear like postcards scattered on a dark gray background. What are the first steps you should take?

A.    Select the images in Adobe Bridge and switch to the Output workspace.
B.    Select the images in the Mini Bridge panel and select Slideshow from the Preview menu in the panel.
C.    Open the images in Photoshop and choose File > Automate > Photomerge
D.    Open the images in Photoshop and choose File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack

Answer: A

You have added a layer mask to a single-layer file so that the image fades gradually from full opacity to fully transparent. You want to export this as a web graphic. In the Save for Web & Devices dialog box, which settings will best preserve the transparency in the optimized version of the image?

A.    PNG-24 file format with the Transparency option checked
B.    GIF file format with the Transparency option checked
C.    JPEG file format with Matte color set to None
D.    WBMP file format with the Diffusion option selected

Answer: A

You’re optimizing a Photoshop file for the web as a JPEG. The metadata in the PSD file contains several keywords. Which option in the Metadata menu in the Save for Web & Devices dialog box should you choose to preserve the keywords in the optimized JPEG file?

A.    All Except Camera Info
B.    None
C.    Copyright
D.    Copyright and Contact Info

Answer: A

You are slicing a web page layout. You draw one slice with the Slice tool, and Photoshop fills in the surrounding areas with automatically-generated auto slices. When you click on one of those other slices with the Slice Select Tool, it does not highlight with position handles. What should you do to display the position handles?

A.    Double-click the slice with the Slice tool.
B.    Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) with the Slice Select Tool.
C.    Choose the Move tool and select Show Transform Controls in the Options bar.
D.    Click the Promote button in the Options bar.

Answer: D

Which circumstance is a prerequisite to using the Layer > New Layer Based Slices command to make a separate slice around each web button in a web page navigation bar?

A.    Each web button must be located on a separate layer.
B.    There must be a separate layer comp for each web button.
C.    None of the web button layers can be shape layers.
D.    None of the web button layers can be type layers.

Answer: A

You are working on an image with a single layer. You want to put part of the image on its own layer so you can add a drop shadow layer effect to it. You make a selection of that part of the image. What should you do next?

A.    Click the New Layer button on the Layers panel.
B.    Choose Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow.
C.    Choose Layer > New > Layer.
D.    Choose Layer > New > Layer via Copy.

Answer: D

You want to lock all properties of a layer so it can’t be moved, but still be able to paint on the layer. Which button should you select in the Layers panel?


A.    A
B.    B
C.    C
D.    D

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button. This document contains three layers, each with a same-sized graphic. You want equal space between each graphic. All three layers are selected in the Layers panel, and the Move tool is selected. What should you do?


A.    Choose Tile All Horizontally from the Arrange Documents menu in the Application Bar.
B.    Choose File > Automate > Fit Image.
C.    Choose Layer > Align > Horizontal Centers.
D.    Choose Layer > Distribute > Horizontal Centers.

Answer: D

You have a file with multiple layers. All layers are currently visible. You want to view the content of only one layer temporarily. Which is the best way to do this?

A.    Alt-click (Windows) / Option-click (Mac OS) the eye icon next to the layer.
B.    Drag the layer onto the image in the document window.
C.    Copy the layer, and paste it into a new file.
D.    Select the layer, and choose Layer > Merge Visible.

Answer: A

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