2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed CompTIA 220-802 Practice Tests (1-10)

Which of the following BIOS boot methods allows a system to boot from a remote server?

A.    PXE
B.    DVD
C.    USB
D.    SATA

Answer: A

Which of the following helps to prevent virus infections from USB flash drives?

A.    Strong passwords
B.    Password protected screen savers
C.    Disabling the guest account
D.    Disabling the autorun feature

Answer: D

Which of the following settings MUST be configured in order to turn on a VoIP phone?

A.    PoE
B.    Flow control
C.    VPN
D.    Duplex speed

Answer: A

A user is trying to access an application on their home machine from work. The user sets up port forwarding on their router but is still unable to connect to the application. Which of the following should be the user’s NEXT step in resolving this issue?

A.    Configure Wake-on-LAN for the NIC on the Work PC.
B.    Configure a firewall exception on the Home PC.
C.    Switch the Work PC network from “Work” to “Home”.
D.    Disable the Windows firewall on the Home PC.

Answer: B

Which of the following security threats are MOST often delivered via email? (Select TWO).

A.    Rootkits
B.    Phishing
C.    Shoulder surfing
D.    Social engineering
E.    Spam

Answer: BE

The customer reports their PC freezes up everyday around the same time. Which of the following utilities would be BEST to check for any error codes?

A.    Windows Updates
B.    Task Scheduler
C.    Event Viewer
D.    Performance Monitor

Answer: C

A user is looking for the Application Data directory in their profile but cannot see it. Which of the following Control Panel options would correct this?

A.    System
B.    Display
C.    User Accounts
D.    Folder Options

Answer: D

While configuring a new email application that uses POP3 for a customer, the technician determines the firewall is blocking the traffic. Which of the following ports should be opened to allow POP3 mail traffic through the firewall?

A.    53
B.    110
C.    443
D.    3389

Answer: B

A user has downloaded and installed a browser add-on that causes the browser to hang. The PC has very slow system response when rebooted. Which of the following should a technician do to troubleshoot this problem?

A.    Run System Restore, update antivirus program, and run an antivirus scan.
B.    Remove all Internet temporary files, run an antivirus scan, and reboot using Last Known Good Configuration.
C.    Remove all temporary files, turn off System Restore, update and run an antivirus scan.
D.    Run an antivirus scan, Run Disk Cleanup, and reboot into Safe Mode.

Answer: C

A large magnet is placed too close to a CRT monitor. Which of the following will MOST likely occur?

A.    Dead pixels
B.    Flickering image
C.    No image on screen
D.    Distorted image

Answer: D

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