2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed CompTIA 220-802 Practice Tests (61-70)

A user, Ann, reports that her computer is able to connect to devices on her local network but not on the remote office network. Ann’s computer shows the following ipconfig information:
IP address:
DNS server 1:
DNS server 2:
Which of the following is the cause of the problem?

A.    DNS server 2 is set incorrectly.
B.    DNS server 1 is set incorrectly.
C.    IP address is set incorrectly.
D.    Gateway is set incorrectly.

Answer: D

Ann reports that printouts from the department laser printer have become faded. She has already replaced the toner cartridge. Which of the following is the MOST likely component causing the faded printing?

A.    Transfer roller
B.    Fusing assembly
C.    Registration assembly
D.    Duplexing assembly

Answer: A

A user, Ann, reports that her laptop will no longer connect to wireless. Joe, a technician, checks the device manager and does not see a wireless networking card or any unknown devices. Which of the following should Joe do FIRST?

A.    Check to make sure the wireless card was not turned off via the hardware switch or keyboard shortcut.
B.    Install a USB wireless card to ensure that Windows networking is working properly.
C.    Open the laptop and reseat the network card and both antennas.
D.    Download and install the latest wireless driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Answer: A

Which of the following passwords is the MOST secure according to industry best practices?

A.    VeryStrongPassword
B.    SimpleAnswer1234
C.    E@sy2Remember
D.    thisisthecorrectanswer1

Answer: C

A user, Joe, has just finished upgrading his computer with a wireless keyboard/mouse combination, additional memory, installed new speakers, and replaced his 15 inch flat screen with a 24 inch flat screen. When he boots the computer it immediately starts making a loud beeping noise and will go no further in the boot process. Which of Joe’s system upgrades is the cause of the problem?

A.    The DVI cable is not properly seated
B.    Speakers are not properly connected
C.    Battery low on wireless mouse
D.    Memory is mismatched

Answer: D

A PC uses RAID 1. Ann, a technician, has read in the event log that the drive “SATA 1” is no longer in sync with drive “SATA 0”. Which of the following steps should she try FIRST to repair this PC to optimal running conditions?

A.    Remove SATA 1 from the RAID group then try to re-add it
B.    Replace both drives then restore from a backup
C.    Remove both drives then switch the SATA channels
D.    Replace SATA 1, rebuild the RAID and replace SATA 0

Answer: A

A user, Ann, receives a call from Joe who states that he is brand new in the help desk. Joe states
that he needs to update Ann’s email client to prevent corruption. At Joe’s request, Ann discloses her user name and password. She later discovers that Joe is not a member of the help desk.
Which of the following has occurred?

A.    Social engineering
B.    Phishing
C.    Spear phishing
D.    Hijacking

Answer: A

Ann recently upgraded a computer from Windows XP to Windows 7, but one of her applications does not work now. Which of the following should be done FIRST?

A.    Set the application to run in XP compatibility mode
B.    Reinstall Windows XP
C.    Configure a dual boot with XP and 7
D.    Install the application in XP mode

Answer: A

Which of the following security best practices would prevent a program on a CD from immediately launching when inserted into a computer?

A.    MSCONFIG >Startup Tab
B.    Disable the Guest account
C.    Rename the Administrator account
D.    Disable autorun
E.    Restrict user permissions

Answer: D

Which of the following is one of the major differences between a new tablet and a new laptop computer?

A.    Tablet has no field serviceable parts.
B.    Laptop has less field functionality.
C.    Tablet has faster Ethernet capability.
D.    Laptops have slower responsiveness than tablets.

Answer: A

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