2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Oracle 1Z0-032 Exam Questions (31-40)

You want to copy the table structures from your development database to the test database to facilitate the testing of applications. Which tool or utility would you use to copy the table structures?

A.    SQL * Loader
B.    Recovery Manager (RMAN)
C.    Oracle Export and Import Utilities
D.    Oracle Enterprise Manager Capacity Planner

Answer: C

You are working on a database in which due to an instance failure all the transactions are terminated. As soon as the database opens, you want to access a row that is locked by a transaction, which was terminated. You want to access the row without waiting for all parts of the terminated transaction to be rolled back. How do you configure this phase of instance recovery?

A.    Oracle server does this automatically.
B.    It is done by setting the RECOVERY_PARALLELISM parameter.
C.    It is done by setting the FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET parameter.
D.    It is done by setting the FAST_START_PARALLEL_ROLLBACK parameter.

Answer: A

Your database contains 10 tablespaces and is functioning in NOARCHIVELOG mode. You want to use Recovery Manager (RMAN) to perform backups. Which two backups would you be able to perform when the database is being accessed by users? (Choose two.)

A.    backup of offline tablespaces
B.    backup of read-only tablespaces
C.    backup of system-critical tablespaces
D.    backup of online, locally managed tablespaces
E.    backup of read/write, dictionary-managed tablespaces

Answer: AB

Which user-managed backup performed on your database can be labeled as consistent?

A.    a backup performed when the database is open
B.    a backup performed on a tablespace after putting the tablespace into backup mode
C.    a backup performed when the database is closed by using the SHUTDOWN ABORT command
D.    a backup performed when all data files and control files are checkpointed with respect to the same system
change number (SCN)

Answer: D

Which two SQL*Loader command line parameters are used to assemble logical records? (Choose two.)

A.    WHEN

Answer: CD

You are using RMAN for backup and recovery of your database. You set the retention policy to NONE by executing the following command:
What would be the impact of this setting?

A.    The retention policy is cleared.
B.    RMAN does not consider any backup as obsolete.
C.    The retention policy is set to its default setting of redundancy 1.
D.    The retention policy is set to its default setting of recovery window 7.

Answer: B

You are using Recovery Manager (RMAN) to maintain daily backups of your database, which is running in ARCHIVELOG mode. In which two scenarios would you perform an incomplete database recovery using UNTIL TIME from the backups that you maintain using RMAN? (Choose two.)

A.    when a table is dropped
B.    when a table is truncated
C.    when the SYSTEM tablespace is corrupted
D.    when the data block in a nonsystem tablespace is corrupted
E.    when a data file that belongs to a nonsystem tablespace is corrupted

Answer: AB

You are using RMAN to perform a backup of your database. Which statement is true regarding image copy backups?

A.    Image copy backups cannot be parallelized.
B.    An image copy can be written only to tape.
C.    An image copy backup is performed by using the RMAN BACKUP command.
D.    During an image copy backup, blocks are checked to make sure that they are not corrupted.

Answer: D

You decided to use RMAN to perform backup and recovery of your database. During the process of creating the recovery catalog you executed the following command:
RMAN> register database;
Why do you need to execute this command?

A.    to synchronize all the data files with the control file
B.    to enable the recovery catalog owner as an administrator of the target database
C.    to update the target database control file with the information about the recovery catalog owner
D.    to copy all the data about the target database from the control file to the recovery catalog

Answer: D

Because your business requirements do not permit you to shut down the database to perform backups, you decide to perform online backups. You use the ALTER TABLESPACE .. BEGIN BACKUP command to perform the backups. The command returns the following error:
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01123: cannot start online backup; media recovery not enabled
What could be the reason for this error?

A.    The database is in the MOUNT state.
B.    The database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode.
C.    The command was executed on the SYSTEM tablespace.
D.    The command was executed on a temporary tablespace.
E.    The command was executed on a read-only tablespace.

Answer: B

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