CompTIA A+ Practical Application Free Practice Test – Chapter 1 (136-140)

CompTIA A+ Practical Application Free Practice Test and Practice Exam – Chapter 1

Which of the following should the technician do FIRST when removing a paper jam?
A. Open all the doors in the printer.
B. Clear the print queue.
C. Turn the printer off.
D. Take the printer offline.
Answer: C

A technician plugged in an external HDD. A message appears and shows that the device can perform faster. Which of the following will cause this message?
A. The computer has USB 1.1 ports.
B. The computer has USB 2.0 ports.
C. The external HDD is using FireWire.
D. The external HDD is using USB 1.1.
Answer: A

A workstation that is reporting memory errors that started when a memory upgrade was completed which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the errors?
A. The new memory was installed in the second bank and runs at a lower speed than bank one
B. A different brand of memory was installed in bank two.
C. The memory stick was larger than the memory stick already installed.
D. The memory stick installed in bank two was smaller than the memory stick in bank one.
Answer: A

Where would a technician go lo turn off UAC in Windows Vista?
A. Control Panel
B. Active Directory Users and Computers
C. Computer Management
D. Run> Command prompt > NET STOP UAC
Answer: A

A technician is checking on a printer that is frequently jamming. The jams always consist of multiple papers becoming stuck. The paper in the printer was just reloaded this morning. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for the jams?
A. The drum is old and needs to be replaced.
B. The fuser is not coming up to the proper temperature.
C. The paper tray rollers are too tight.
D. The paper is damp due to humidity.
Answer: D


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