CompTIA A+ Practical Application Free Practice Test – Chapter 1 (151-155)

A technician is called out to look at a Windows Vista machine that has been exhibiting some strange behavior since the user was given administrative control last month. After troubleshooting, the issues are not resolved. Which of the following would be the EASIEST way for the technician to get the machine into the last known good state?
A. Do a system restore to the day before the user was given administrative control.
B. Upon boot hit the F8 key and have the computer boot to the Last Known Good Configuration.
C. Reboot with the ERD and have it repair the Windows Vista installation.
D. Rebuild the machine from an OEM disk.
Answer: A

A technician has just cleaned a system of severe virus and malware infections. Which of the following could prevent the system from becoming infected again?
A. Change the attributes of all registry keys to ‘read only’
B. Relocate the temp directory
C. Delete the system restore points
D. Disable automatic updates
Answer: C

A user slates that a document is stuck in the print queue. A technician logs on to the computer and tries to delete the document, but the document will not delete and the pnnter has stalled. Which of the following is the NEXT step that the technician should attempt?
A. Restart the print spooler service.
B. Remove and re-add the printer.
C. Power cycle the printer.
D. Reinstall the print drivers.
Answer: A

Which of the following operating systems has the sidebar enabled by default on the desktop?
A. Microsoft Windows 7
B. Microsoft Windows 2000
C. Microsoft Windows Vista
D. Microsoft Windows XP
Answer: C

A new computer does not boot after installing a pair of memory modules. Which of the following is MOST likely the reason the computer will not boot?
A. The BIOS needs to be updated
B. The memory is defective
C. The incorrect memory is installed
D. The RAID configuration is incorrect
Answer: C


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