CompTIA A+ Practical Application Free Practice Test – Chapter 1 (91-95)

CompTIA A+ Practical Application Free Practice Test and Practice Exam – Chapter 1

A user reports that their machine seems to be running slower than usual. The user states that the computer has become progressively worse as more applications are installed. Which of the
following is the FIRST step the technician should take?
A. Run the CHKDSK utility
B. Run the disk defragmenter utility
C. Increase the capacity on the system volume
D. Convert to a dynamic drive on the system
Answer: B

A Windows 7 user states that a laptop does not display a picture when connected to a projector, but has a picture on the laptop’s screen. Which of the following could be the cause?
A. The laptop external display setting has been turned off.
B. Windows 7 does not support multiple displays on laptops.
C. The Windows APM is not set to Presentation Mode.
D. A Windows 7 video driver is missing.
Answer: A

Which of the following is the BEST tool a technician would use to reach a screw that has fallen out of reach?
A. Wrist strap
B. Extension magnet
C. Pliers
D. Tweezers
Answer: B

A user attempts to login to a bookmarked site but is prompted for their social security number, mother’s maiden name and date of birth. Which of the following has MOST likely happened?
A. The website has updated the security policies.
B. The user’s identity has been stolen.
C. The browser has been hijacked.
D. The user typed the website address incorrectly.
Answer: C

A former Windows Vista user now has Windows 7 on their desktop. The user cannot locate the gadgets bar. How can the user put gadgets on the desktop?
A. Download the gadgets program from the Microsoft Downloads center.
B. Change to the Vista desktop through the Personalization folder.
C. Add gadgets to the desktop from the Control Panel.
D. Add the gadgets from the Display folder.
Answer: C


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