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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2140-833
Exam Name: Object Oriented Analysis and Design – Part 1 (Analysis)

Which statement is true about an iterative development process?

A.    Testing and integration take place in every iteration.
B.    An iteration focuses on partial completion of selected use-case realizations.
C.    It encourages user feedback in later iterations.
D.    It is based on functional decomposition of a system.

Answer: A

Which two statements are true about interfaces? (Choose two.)

A.    The interface should have a clear purpose.
B.    A single interface should include as many possible methods, if not all methods, that may be
shared by objects that implement the interface.
C.    An interface should be used to restrict which methods are exposed to a client.
D.    Classes may have multiple interfaces depending on the purpose of each interface it implements.

Answer: AD

Which statement is true?

A.    The UML is a development process for software intensive systems.
B.    The UML is a process-dependent language used for visualizing software artifacts.
C.    The UML is a modeling language for software blueprints.
D.    The UML is a visual programming language.

Answer: C

In which three ways does a structured class differ from a traditional class? (Choose three.)

A.    It clearly defines the class boundary via an encapsulation shell.
B.    It brings public interfaces into the class via ports.
C.    It shows the role that the class plays.
D.    It defines messages between itself and other classes.

Answer: ABC

Which is a characteristic of a structured class?

A.    must have one interface for each role it plays
B.    can play only one role, no matter how many objects transact with it
C.    can play multiple roles that vary on the objects that interact with it
D.    is limited to one role, but can have multiple interfaces

Answer: C

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