IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Application Development Exam A

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2040-409
Exam Name: IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Application Development Exam A

What is the primary purpose of a master template?

A.    It is required to use XPages.
B.    It is required to use external data sources.
C.    It prevents users from updating applications.
D.    It keeps application instances consistent in design.

Answer: D

Caroline is programmatically using the UniversalID property of a document. Which option will return the same value as the UniversalID property?

A.    @NoteID
B.    @ReplicaID
C.    @Command
D.    @DocumentUniqueID

Answer: D

Which statement describes the embedded navigators?

A.    Embedded navigators are not supported in a page.
B.    Embedded navigators are not supported in subforms.
C.    Embedded navigators are not supported in a browser.
D.    Embedded navigators are not supported in the IBM Notes Basic client.

Answer: D

Felix is creating an application where a user will type extensive data into a text field. What is the maximum amount of data IBM Domino can store in a text field?

A.    4 KB
B.    32 KB
C.    64 KB
D.    limited only by available disk space to 1 GB

Answer: B

Charles is designing a database agent with IBM LotusScript that will display the name(s) of the folder(s) that a specific document is in, if it is in one or more folders. He is using the FolderReferencesEnabled property of the NotesDatabase Class. Which statement is true regarding the FolderReferencesEnabled property?

A.    The database must have the $FolderInfo hidden view to support folder references.
B.    The database must have $FolderRefInfo defined in the database profile to support folder
C.    The database must have the $FolderInfo and $FolderRefInfo hidden views to support folder
D.    The database must have $FolderInfo and $FolderRefInfo forms defined in the database
profile to support folder references.

Answer: C

An IBM Domino application performs certain operations, such as DDE-related functions, that are not available in all platform versions of IBM Notes and Domino. What function can be used to determine the underlying operating system?

A.    @Version
B.    @ClientType
C.    @Platform([Specific])
D.    @Platform([ClientType])

Answer: C

In IBM LotusScript, which NotesDocument class property can be used to find the owner of a lock on a document?

A.    LockHolders
B.    DatabaseLock
C.    DocumentLock
D.    WhoIsLockHolder

Answer: A

Grayson created an application that is deployed on servers and with local replicas on individual user workstations. What feature of IBM Notes can limit the data deployed to local replicas?

A.    Managed Replicas
B.    Database Encryption
C.    Master Database Templates
D.    Selective Replication Formula

Answer: D

In which file are XPages application runtime configuration settings saved?

A.    notes.ini

Answer: C

Daniel wants to programmatically use the full text indexing features of IBM Domino. Which fields can be indexed by default?

A.    rich text fields
B.    access control list entries
C.    fields in external databases
D.    fields containing a summary flag

Answer: D

James has a large number of image resources and he knows that the name of the image resource will change when it is updated. How can he add an alias name to the image resource?
A.    After the image resource name, type a vertical bar (|) followed by the alias name.
B.    Image resource names are chosen when they are created and cannot be renamed.
C.    Open the Image resource in the IBM Domino Designer client and add the alias name to the
“Alias” field.
D.    Image resources are chosen at the time they are created and do not support an Alias name.

Answer: A

James will need to use IBM LotusScript in order to modify the Calendar Profile stored in his mail file. Given the following snippet of code, what would be the correct line for instantiating the Calendar Profile? Dim session As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim doc As NotesDocument Set db=session.CurrentDatabase

A.    Set doc=db.GetProfileDocument(“CalendarProfile”)
B.    Set doc=db.SetProfileDocument(“CalendarProfile”)
C.    Set doc=session.GetProfileDocument(“CalendarProfile”)
D.    Set doc=session.SetProfileDocument(“CalendarProfile”)

Answer: A

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