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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2180-277
Exam Name: IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8.0, System Administration

An application team consults with a system administrator on ways to increase the response time of one of their message flows. The system administrator is also informed that the messages are not that critical, peak volumes are very high and response time should be very low. The system administrator performs a quick analysis of the system data during peak volume processing and notices that the CPU utilization is moderate but I/O operations are very high. How should the administrator suggest to improve the message flow response time?

A.    Change the messages from persistent to non persistent.
B.    Create a new execution group and deploy additional instances.
C.    Increase the Additional Instances of the message flow.
D.    Increase the maximum JVM Heap Size of the execution group.

Answer: A

A system administrator executes the command mqsirestorebroker to restore a broker on a QA environment. However, it is found that the backup file used contains incomplete information associated with the broker. Which of the following situations may result in the failure during creating the backup file?

A.    The broker is stopped.
B.    The execution groups are running.
C.    A deployment is in progress.
D.    A message flow with a HTTPRequest node is receiving input messages.

Answer: C

A system administrator is asked to deploy updated code to execution group EG1 running on broker BRK1. There are 2 message flows deployed to the execution group. After a review, it was found that the deployed flow Req.msgflow should have been named Request.msgflow. The other flow Quote.msgflow needed to be updated to accommodate a bug fix. The updated flow code is provided to the system administrator with all of its dependent resources in two separate BAR files ( and Which commands does the system administrator need to issue to successfully deploy the new BAR files?

A.    mqsideploy BRK1 -e EG1 -a -mmqsideploy BRK1 -e EG1 -a
B.    mqsideploy BRK1 -e EG1 -a -d Req.cmf -mmqsideploy BRK1 -e EG1 -a -m
C.    mqsideploy BRK1 -e EG1 -a -d Request.cmfmqsideploy BRK1 -e EG1 -a
D.    mqsideploy BRK1 -e EG1 -a -d Req.msgflowmqsideploy BRK1 -e EG1 -a -d Quote.msgflow -m

Answer: A

A system administrator is asked to back up a broker in a production environment by executing the command mqsibackupbroker. Which artifacts should the system administrator expect to be included in the backup file?

A.    The inflight aggregations.
B.    The configurable services.
C.    The user-defined security exits.
D.    The queues used for the deployed message flows.

Answer: B

A system administrator is asked to check whether the deployed HTTP nodes are using the listener embedded in the execution group. Which command should the system administrator run?

A.    mqsilist
B.    mqsireportbroker
C.    mqsireportproperties
D.    mqsireportresourcestats

Answer: C

A system administrator has been asked to configure a database DB1 for record and replay of data in an environment consisting of a broker BRK1. The system administrator created the database and corresponding DataSourceName DB1, the tables for recording data and has given the necessary authorization for BRK1 to access DB1. Which additional database configuration steps does the system administrator need to perform on BRK1 to enable recording of messages processed by a message flow F1 in execution group EG1?

A.    mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataStore -o store1 -n dataSourceName,egForRecord,egForView -v DB1,EG1,EG1mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataSource -o source1 -n dataStore,topic -vstore1,’$SYS/Broker/BRK1/Monitoring/EG1/F1′
B.    mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataStore -o store1 -n dataSourceName,egForRecord -v DB1,EG1mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataSource -o source1 -n dataStore,topic – vstore1,’$SYS/Broker/BRK1/EG1/F1/Monitoring/#’
C.    mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataCaptureStore -o store1 -n dataSourceName,egForRecord,egForView -vDB1,EG1,EG1mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 – c DataCaptureSource -o source1 -n dataCaptureStore,topic – 10
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D.    mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataCaptureStore -o store1 -n dataSourceName,egForRecord -v DB1,EG1mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataCaptureSource -o source1 -n dataCaptureStore,topic – vstore1,’$SYS/Broker/BRK1/EG1/F1/Monitoring/#’

Answer: C

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